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Lean on God

Proverbs 9:6

“Leave your simple ways and you will live; walk in the way of insight.”

It is insanely easy to be convinced that the things of this world will benefit your life. Well, I will tell you that God is the only way to give purpose to your life. I believe everyone has had a moment in their life where they had to face some hard decisions. Lean on God and not just your own understanding. Don’t walk alone in your life journey. We are created to love others and build community. It’s in our DNA to have relationships with others. If you are ever in a disagreement and have a sense of anger, it’s important to remember that your peers were also God’s creation. We may not always understand why certain obstacle may occur, but we do know that God will always have a plan in our. Even when we don’t see it; God is always moving and he will continue to motivate us for the bigger purpose that he designed. 

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