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True Rest


  • Genesis 2:3

  • Mark 2:27

Have you ever felt like there’s never enough time in a day? That your to-do list is never ending and your rest is never refreshing? Seriously, when was the last time you experienced true rest? Oftentimes we see rest as scrolling through social media, sleeping in, or just being lazy. Now there’s a time for all that but what about a time to truly stop and rest in God. In Genesis 2:3 God ceases from ALL his work to rest. He didn’t only do Sunday afternoon chores he completely stopped. He put this in place for us! He knew we would need time to slow down and rest. Mark 2:27 reminds us that the Sabbath is for man, not man for the Sabbath. By stopping and being still in the presence of our creator we can truly find rest. Even if that’s sitting in silence in your car on the way to work or even completely silencing your phone on Sundays. Sabbath can look different for everyone; the point is to stop, be still, and rest in the presence of God.

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