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With Thanksgiving


-Exodus 16:20

With the worries of tomorrow and the constant push to plan our entire lives detail by detail, we can get wrapped up in overwhelming emotions. We see in Exodus God had provided the Israelites with daily manna or bread. This bread rained down from the sky every day, yet the Israelites still feared the thought of running out of food. God had rescued them from slavery, walked with them through the desert, and was to provide food every day, yet they still worried! They forgot who their God was, and we often do this too! It's easy to get wrapped up in our trials and tribulations, but we must remember who we serve. We must not forget that our God is good; he provides and fulfills our every need! So, in moments of stress or worry in any aspect of your life, take a moment and remember all the ways God has provided and cared for you; take a moment to be thankful in his presence! Happy Thanksgiving Radiant College!

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