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Host Homes

Student Studying

We never want a student to miss out on an opportunity that God has for them and because of our passion for your success, one of the things that we offer at Radiant College are Host Homes.  Our Host Homes at Radiant College are provided by those who attend Radiant Church and they are for those who are non-local students who need housing while they are at Radiant College.

In need of a host home?

In need of a place to live while attending Radiant College or have questions about what staying at a host home looks like, fill out your information below and we will be in contact with you!

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Interested in hosting a student?

Partner with Radiant College in the incredible opportunity to provide housing for a non-local student as they pursue God's call on their lives! If you are interested in hosting your home, fill out your information below!

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Do not miss out on this real life experience from trained leaders who want to see you succeed. 

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